Beginner Programs

Be a better swimmer before you know it!

Have you ever noticed when you give a child a ball, the games begin? A ball has the power to make swimming fun, even effortless. The child becomes engaged in the goal – the pursuit, the team effort and is unaware of the physical and mental skills he or she is developing.

Besides learning basic water polo skills, parents will be amazed at the overall improvement in swimming and general endurance. Water Polo is a great year-round cross training activity that transfers to many other sports.

Choose one of our introductory spring and summer programs or check back for information about our fall programs.

Blue Belt Swimmers  (Born 2008 or later and need float assistance)

Atoms (Born 2005 – 2008)

Bantam (Born 2003 -2004)



Click here to register on-line through Teamsnap.  To access the registration form and fee schedule, please click on the link below.   Registration forms and payments can be submitted to coaches on deck.

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