It’s that time of year again! You’ll note some changes as Neptunes is now collaborating with Bushido club and sharing tank time. This change was put into effect in order to continue to economically provide all programs. Also, there are no more ‘tier’ systems; there is now Participation and Competitive programs. You can choose how much you want to play. In addition, now you have the option of paying online at Team Snap, or e-transfer to our club’s treasured Treasurer. Below you’ll find the links to program schedules and registration. Here’s to having another fantastic year! GO NEPTUNES!

When you register for the 2019/2020 water polo season through GOALLINE, you will notice fees have increased compared to last year. This is because Water Polo Canada has added a Safe Sport Surcharge to their annual registration fees. The purpose of the Surcharge is to ensure that Water Polo Canada has the necessary funds to offer services and provide programs that will help build and maintain a Safe Sport Environment for all Water Polo Canada registrants. For more information about Water Polo Canada‚Äôs commitment to Safe Sport, please check out the Water Polo Canada website 


Pariticipation (recreational) Programs

Competitive Programs

Adult Programs

Neptunes Youth Registration Form 

Neptunes Adult Registration Form

 Blue Belts schedule – 12U Competitive schedule – 12U Participation (Recreational) schedule – 14U Competitive schedule – 14U Participation (Recreational) schedule – 16U / 19U Competitive Boys schedule – 16U / 19U Participation (Recreational) Boys schedule 16U / 19U Competitive Girls schedule 16U / 19U Participation (Recreational) Girls schedule – Adult Men schedule – Adult Women schedule